Crossing Shaky Ground

Sean McCarty, Jonas D. Israel, Maria Mogavero,       Jonah Kersey and Eleanor O’Brien.
Directed by Paul Bright. 

An earthquake, a tsunami, 725 miles separate a man from his family. Based on actual interviews with average Americans, Paul Bright’s cinema verite Crossing Shaky Ground is a look into the America most of us never truly see. 

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During a business retreat, a 9.0 earthquake hits Astoria Oregon, forcing Aaron to set out on foot to reach home, unsure if he’ll survive the 725 mile journey and what he’ll find at the end.

Why do people vote against their best interests? – That’s the question Aaron must answer as he hitchhikes, canoes, limps through rural Oregon to reach food and safety. He learns along the way his assumptions about poor country people are completely wrong.

The filmmaker went undercover for a year in rural Oregon, gaining the trust and confidence of people who would never tell the truth to a city person. By retelling their stories, this docu-drama cuts to the heart of the problems in America.

Watch Crossing Shaky Ground
Watch Crossing Shaky Ground (rent or buy)

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