Altitude Falling

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In the year 2029 the government knows where you are and what you’re doing. To be in love you must escape…

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Film Review of Altitude Falling

Just finished watching “Altitude Falling” released by Water Bearer Films.Written by Paul Bright, who also stars in and directs this movie, “Altitude Falling” reminded me of the literary social science-fiction of Ursula K. Le Guin.

In “Altitude Falling,” Bright touches upon the consequences of the move to the “singularity” where privacy of any kind has gone out the window due to implanted chips and software that lets anyone, especially the government, keep track of individuals.

Greg Forrester [played brilliantly by Bright] is responsible for and deeply remorseful for letting the imps out of this Pandora’s Technological Box. Forrester’s technology was supposed to be used for consumer based retail, until he was bought out by a governmental organization and branded a security risk. Forrester also betrayed two of his best friends in developing the technology they had argued was best left undeveloped.

In fear for his life, Forrester flees to a remote New Mexico mountain town, where he goes ultra-low-tech and opens a bicycle shop. He lives a lonely life until a chance encounter with a “No-Paper” causes him to cross paths with 21-year-old Danny – who just happens, as we learn, is the son of the two friends Forrester betrayed.

Romance blooms between Danny and Greg – SPOILER ALERT – There is full frontal male nudity in “Altitude Falling – but is threatened when a military call-up disguised as a nation building project is declared by the American President and threatens Danny’s life.

To save Danny and perhaps redeem himself along the way, Greg must make a decision that might once again change the social fabric of America one person at a time.Bright tells a compelling and all too plausible story with this movie.


-Joseph Baneth Allen

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