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Star Wars Ep VIII The Force Takes a Bath – Paul’s Tub Talk – January 3

30 Dec

The next episode of Star Wars begins filming this week and our secret government agents from North Korea leaked the script to us!

These are the questions we want answered:

1) Where is the last Jedi when we need her?
2) Will Jar Jar Binks make a sudden appearance to save humanity?
3) Does the evil guy with helmet hair ever get laid?

Only the Force knows.


Droning on About Movies – Paul’s Tub Talk – October 25

24 Oct

It used to be an indie film had to prove it was a ‘real’ movie by including a crane shot at the beginning (or the end) with the camera lifting high above the street.  And then we were supposed to use these Steadicams and run around everywhere, popping through doorways, skipping down stairs and jumping into the back of a speeding car.

But now we have to put in these aerial drone shots, sweeping over the top of the 10,000ft mountain top and dropping down to the valley below to zoom into the front door of our hero’s house as he picks up the morning paper.

Well I say ‘Poo’ to that.

The only person who needs to see the top of my head is my barber.


Getting Into the Movies – Paul’s Tub Talk – July 26

25 Jul

It’s all the adventure you need!

Paul’s Tub Talk: 5 Epic Movies – April 19

18 Apr

Nobody will ever make a movie like this again.

Paul’s Tub Talk – Hacking Sony – Dec 28th

28 Dec

Is it really my patriotic duty to give $15 million dollars to a Japanese corporation in the name of freedom of speech?

FORGOTTEN HERO is on Amazon Prime!

6 Dec

In all the excitement this week I forgot to tell you FORGOTTEN HERO is now playing on Amazon Prime!

It’s getting amazing reviews, too!

I’m always curious to know what you think of these films, though. At the Alamo Drafthouse showing the audiences had very intense discussions about what they think happened at the end of the movie.

What do you think happened?

We’re Going to the Festivals!

2 Dec

We’re sending LONG TERM PARKING to film festivals all over the place.

But first we need the cash for those pesky entry fees.

Help us out.

We’ll keep making the movies you love.

On Location Celebrity Interviews

8 Jun

We were in Hollywood and you’ll never guess who we ran into!Everyone is so excited to make LONG TERM PARKING! Join the fun at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/post-production-for-long-term-parking

Instant Gratification

4 Jan

I crave immediacy.

I love getting a response right after I text.

I get hooked watching breaking news of natural disasters.

I wish every project I start reached completion moments later.

Tony Bottorff is Boston Nightly in the upcoming comedy hit film LONG TERM PARKING.

Tony Bottorff is Boston Nightly in the upcoming comedy hit film LONG TERM PARKING.

And yet.

The process is the pleasure.

The process is the discovery, the search for unknowns, the joy of life.

It takes time to craft a film, to discover the possibilities, to explore alternative sub-plots or endings, to sense how changes in music and sound effects impact the tone.

Movies take time.

In a world of immediacy, I am blessed to be upheld by people who understand the value of a working artisan.

I am deeply grateful.

I know you understand the time and commitment involved with each of my projects. I hope you will consider contributing so I can finish what we just filmed in December.

I believe LONG TERM PARKING will be the best film I’ve ever made, possibly the climax of my career.  Please hold me in your thoughts and support the project as best you can. www.indiegogo.com/projects/long-term-parking-film-production-finishing-funds/x/25077

Thank you.

I Made a Movie

30 Dec

Boston close upI made a movie. Rather, I shot a movie. Two weeks ago. LONG TERM PARKING. It’s based on a book. A very funny book. A very funny, sexy, murderous book. Don’t feel socially responsible about this – everybody goes to heaven. Even the dog. Which is good. And then they get killed again. And that’s where it gets really good.

Next week I’m taking all that film footage and turning it into a movie. A movie that will make you snort beer all over your couch. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Should have put a plastic covering on that couch before you watch this movie. But you won’t remember. And you’ll have permanent beer stains on your furniture because of LONG TERM PARKING.

Try explaining that to your mother-in-law. You know what: Don’t. Just give her your autographed copy of the DVD. So she can spill beer on her couch. Turn about is fair play.Chel on the highway

And it’s about time everybody gets what they deserve.

You deserve to have this autographed DVD of LONG TERM PARKING. Because you work hard and you need something to take your mind of that beer stain.

I’ll make your life better and send you that autographed DVD of LONG TERM PARKING. Because that’s the kind of guy I am: a mother-in-law baiter.

First you gotta do something for me. And when you do this thing before midnight tomorrow, you will possibly deprive Uncle Sam of some your hard earned money that he’s been coveting since before you were a twinkle in your father’s eye. It’s just like your uncle to covet what your father made.

But I won’t let that happen. I want you and your dad to get along. You should give him another autographed copy of LONG TERM PARKING. To show him you love him and want him to be happy.

But warn Dad about the beer on the couch thing. Because (again) that’s the kind of guy I am: a father repatriator.

You have 36 hours, starting before you opened this message, to vindicate your father, deprive Uncle Sam, bait your mother-in-law, and bring about world peace and happiness.Boston and Marlene

Okay, you don’t have to do ALL of it right now. Save something for later. Like World Peace. Do world peace tomorrow after breakfast.

But right now you can do everything else by committing to LONG TERM PARKING. Put your money to work for you doing something that will bring you a lifetime – or at least 90 minutes – of unrelenting pleasure. Donate to finish LONG TERM PARKING.


I’m counting on you to be the kind of guy I am: a movie lover.