The Actor’s Director

Every actor has a unique essence that can bring their performances dynamically alive. It is my role as director to find that quality in the performer and teach them how to fulfill their purpose in storytelling.

Educated in Hollywood and New York in both film and theater, I founded the Gaslight Theater in Austin Texas as the Artistic Director. Under my leadership we produced 32 stage productions in 3 years and eliminated our start-up debt almost entirely through ticket sales.

I produce independent feature films as the writer, director, editor which are enjoyed by millions of people around the globe through distribution agreements with many international companies.

In addition I mentor future filmmakers with my filmmaking tutorial series on Udemy that teaches film pre-production and production. I guest lecture and/or worked with film students at UCLA, School for Visual Arts (New York), Columbia University, NYU, and University of Texas, Austin. And I guide actors to discover greater depths of performance through private coaching and classes.

Paul Bright, Director
+1 512/300-3552


Thirteen Past Midnight, by Billy St. John
How the Other Half Loves, by Alan Ayckbourn
Sylvia, by A.R. Gurney
Love, Sex and the IRS, by Billy Van Zandt
Death and the Maiden, by Ariel Dorfman
Punch and Judy, by Bill Svanoe
Cahoots, by Rick Johnston
Rhinoceros, by Eugene Ionesco
Lettice and Lovage, by Peter Shaffer
Snapshots, by Cynthia Mercati
Book of Murder, by Ron Cowen
Murder in Green Meadows, by Douglas Post
Evening of Culture, by Mark Landon Smith
Loot, by Joe Orton
The Master and Margarita, adapted by Michael Franco and Richard Helweg
Founder and Artistic Director of Gaslight Theater.

Feature Films:

Angora Ranch (2006) Water Bearer Films, Inc
Theft (2007) Water Bearer Films, Inc
Aaron…Albeit a Sex Hero (2009) Water Bearer Films, Inc
Altitude Falling (2010) Water Bearer Films, Inc
Abrupt Decision (2011) Water Bearer Films, Inc
Goliad Uprising (2012) Fuzion Filmz, Inc
Forgotten Hero (2014) Kinonation
Long Term Parking (2015) Kinonation
Prof Tom Foolery Saves the Planet (2017) FilmHub
Stars in His Eyes (2020)
Crossing Shaky Ground (2020)
Pocket Mouse Protector (2022)

Short Films:

Plot Number Two (2007) Silly Bunny Pictures
Little Baby Two Shoes (2007) Silly Bunny Pictures
Making It Wright (2014) Norcia Productions
Painting the Line (2017) Paul Bright Films
G13 (2019) Paul Bright Films

Web Series:

Indie Filmmaking Tutorials on Udemy (94 Videos)
Ariel’s Government Secret (2012) (16 Episodes)
Jack’s Coffee Talk (2013) (7 Episodes)
Tub Talks (2015-2018) (80+ Episodes)
Living with Maude (2016-2018) (122 Episodes)

Social Media/Marketing/Commercials:

Client list available upon request

Background Summary:

Graduate Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet.
Studied stage performance with Paul Gleason at the Los Angeles Music Center.
Voice lessons from Nathan Lam and Rickie-Weiner Gole.
Studied with Kimberly Graham, Judy Henderson, Brian O’Neil, Paul Michael