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When ‘Gay’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Happy’

17 Jan

Stars in His Eyes

Last week a 20 something gay guy contacted me on Facebook asking if I could introduce him to some friends.  He lives in a country that barely tolerates homosexuality, he’s afraid to tell anyone about his sexuality, and he’s very lonely.

Not ‘lonely’ as in ‘wants to get laid,’ but very much alone.

I’ve lost count of how many men messaged me in a similar situation.  (And no, he doesn’t want me to marry him so he can become a US citizen.)

The reality outside our borders is that many men have no one who understands them, no companions, no buddies to hang out with, and until the world changes there’s no chance they’ll find Mr. Right and settle down together.

Why are these guys contacting me? 

They’ve seen the movies I make. These movies make them feel a little less alone in this world. These movies give them hope…

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Poor Health Predicted by Discrimination and Victimization

4 Sep

Business Card

2 Aug

Periodically I updated my business card with a few of my favorite moments in film.


31 Jul

Screen shot 2016-07-31 at 8.27.04 AM

Despite it all.
The heat of the summer
that begins in March
and vanishes at Thanksgiving
The arctic blast that freezes
pipes and kills innocent
The mosquitoes that sting
snakes that poison
scorpions that burn
Despite the bravado of fat
bellied politicians who
never took a city bus
to work
never went hungry to
pay the electric bill
never had the wrong accent
or color of skin
Despite the blistered landscape
hoping for a good wind
to carry it to
The bathwater that pours
hot when you turn on cold
and smells of sulfur but
looks like iron
The downpour that seizes
control over highways
lifts up houses and cattle
reclaiming them for Mexico
Despite all this
they have the guts to stay
but not to leave.
-Paul Bright ©2016

3 Steps to Change the World

29 Jul

I was deeply honored to speak at the TALk Conference this year about what we can each do to stop the hate.

May Day! – Paul’s Tub Talk – May 1, 2016

1 May

We’ve been saying it wrong all these years….

It Just Got Real – Paul’s Tub Talk – April 10

9 Apr

Virtual reality trumps reality, apparently.

The classic rollercoaster at Magic Mountain, Revolution, is now a virtual reality ride.

Because riding a rollercoaster isn’t exciting enough.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Paul’s Tub Talk

16 Mar

There’s a reason the Irish are green, but it ain’t from envy.

Angora Ranch commercial free

7 Mar

Film Lovers Show Their Love

3 Mar

I know a lot of people want to be involved with the filmmaking process and want to support the movies and web series coming from my studios.

And now nearly anyone can!

Because at you can send 3 bucks and you’ll know that it REALLY makes a difference.

Sort of like the Bernie campaign getting a little bit of cash from a whole bunch of people, you can do the same thing for Paul Bright Films and the results will be fantastic!

And another great thing about is that after you set up you don’t have to think about it again even though you’ll be reminding me of your love and support all the time.

Be sure to check out all the stuff I wrote on the page too. It will give you a good laugh.

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