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21 Thrift Stores in 5 Cities

16 Dec

I’ve been scouring western Oregon to costume PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET (#tomfoolery) and hit nearly 2 dozen thrift stores.

Right now the most difficult costume pieces to find are long jackets and hats.

The budget for costumes is also much higher than anticipated – already over $500.

Contributions through PayPal to are greatly appreciated to defray these higher costume costs.



Many Worthwhile Causes to Support

29 Nov

This Tuesday is a national day of donating to social causes that we value, to people who do good things in the world that we can’t personally do, and to people who need a boost.

Many of us contribute to the world as much as we can through the year, not only on a designated day.

My mentor, Steve Reinisch, recommended an inspiring book a few years ago, The Soul of Money written by Lynne Twist.  One of the most powerful messages I heard from the book is that each of us has resources to share with each other regardless of our economic situation.

In my own life I recognize that by volunteering my skills to create short films and public service announcements I can offer more to my community than spending an afternoon stuffing envelopes for a charity or slipping $20 in an offering plate.

The contributions you make to my feature films make it possible for me to have the equipment and time to create these social media videos for others. Your support for me resulted in

And of course there are all those Tub Talks, which in my own way call attention to some of life’s ironies that I hope lightens your day.

This time of year is crucial for gathering the resources to make my next feature film PROF. TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET. When you help me make this film you reap both the reward of receiving a fun and happy movie and enabling me to do good work for the community throughout the year.

It’s a good feeling to know exactly what your money is doing.

Please contribute using your bankcard through PayPal to

Thank you.


still Pauls Tub Talk Prof Foolery



PS. Instead of running a campaign on IndieGoGo I’m using PayPal so more of your contribution makes it to the film. IndieGoGo raised their commission to 10% and I don’t feel they deserve the money you intend for the film.





Because Love Can Save the World

8 Nov

Professor Tom Foolery, Inventor, fled to Oregon to escape the industrial spies who sought to steal his Magnetic Kinetic Future Vision Contraption. He never guessed he’d fall in love with his young and handsome lab assistant. Nor did he realize his evil nemesis Rupert Fochs would seduce his lab assistant as part of his diabolical plan to conquer the world.  It’s up to Tom Foolery to win his love back and save the planet for all time to come!

You can save the future by contributing to this film through paypal to

Droning on About Movies – Paul’s Tub Talk – October 25

24 Oct

It used to be an indie film had to prove it was a ‘real’ movie by including a crane shot at the beginning (or the end) with the camera lifting high above the street.  And then we were supposed to use these Steadicams and run around everywhere, popping through doorways, skipping down stairs and jumping into the back of a speeding car.

But now we have to put in these aerial drone shots, sweeping over the top of the 10,000ft mountain top and dropping down to the valley below to zoom into the front door of our hero’s house as he picks up the morning paper.

Well I say ‘Poo’ to that.

The only person who needs to see the top of my head is my barber.


Paul’s Tub Talk: #Starbucks – March 28

28 Mar

If you want to start a conversation, let’s talk about something we can do something about. Tell Governor Pence what you think of the Religious Freedom Law. 317/232-4567.

Special Edition: Tub Talk

15 Mar

YouTube is all high tech these days and so of course, they want a trailer on my YouTube channel. I had a trailer on there, which was sort of wishy-washy hippy dippy.

So now I have this super duper trailer.

What do you think?

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get all the latest comedic exploits.

PS. I’m open to suggestions for a new job title.

Paul’s Tub Talks – Sexy Furry Soldier Guy – March 1st

28 Feb

The selection at the Box sucks this weekend. So here’s a movie online that’s totally rad. And if you want you can read more about the movie and go behind the scenes.

Paul’s Tub Talk – New Year’s Resolutions – Jan 4th

4 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions make me sing.

Paul’s Tub Talk – Hacking Sony – Dec 28th

28 Dec

Is it really my patriotic duty to give $15 million dollars to a Japanese corporation in the name of freedom of speech?

No Horses Were Harmed

19 Dec

We need carrots! Send us your carrots! Carrots are a movie’s best friend!

Send them here:

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