“Fear is what holds most people back. So what Paul is doing is shepherding folks into courage. Awesome and beautiful!” – Gary Walker, Visual Effects Supervisor (Apollo 13, What Lies Beneath)

Widely respected as a film director/producer who brings projects in under budget and on time, Paul is experienced with controlling adverse conditions and maintaining a focused, low-stress production.

“I was very impressed with his work and directing skills.” -Bobby Janson

“The quality of your film is far above any independent film…you have a gift and a talent.” -Samuel Steadman

“I love the true honesty that you bring to the screen.” -Terry Looney

Contact: Paul@PaulBrightFilms.com




  1. Paul, I just saw your film on the Internet, altitude falling, I loved it! Not for nuttin’ but you are are a hot as heck handsome dude! Are you single?

  2. I’m so glad you loved ALTITUDE FALLING! Please tell your friends, your buddies, your clubs. I made the film to be seen.

    And thanks for the compliment. What a great way to start the morning. xox

  3. Hi Paul, I don’t know if you have many fans in The Netherlands, but I am one of them. I own all your films on dvd and was pleased to see that your latest film Forgotten Hero was available on dvd at Amazon. I got it this morning and we just watched the movie. We’ll loved it: your storytelling is great, a nice lead actor in a good cast and a very special ending. Thanks, Theo

  4. Theo-

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad you got in touch. It’s great to hear that you also loved FORGOTTEN HERO. The movie could use some good word-of-mouth. If you can tell your friends about it or write a review of it on Amazon that would be a HUGE help!!!

    Please keep in touch. Some day tell me about life in The Netherlands!

  5. Love your offbeat films! They truly entertain the audience start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that you happen to be sexy as hell. Could enjoy watching your nude scenes all day Paul!

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