Winner Best LGBTQ Feature Film

Pocket Mouse Protector, the campy screwball sex comedy, won Best LGBTQ Feature Film at Seattle Film Festival last night! The movie was ALSO nominated for Best Feature Film!

The Awards Ceremony was fancy schmancy. Getty Images photographed me on the red carpet. I was interviewed. It was all a big blur. They gave me a solid glass award, that is heavier than a brick. They gave me a huge bottle of Citadelle gin (which is not the reason it was all a big blur).

I waited till I got home to enjoy the gin.

For the acceptance speech I said: “A lot of movies about LGBTQ folk talk about struggles unique to us because of who we are. We wanted to make a fun movie celebrating who we are and share that joy with everyone, because everyone needs to laugh so hard they pee their pants. Thank you to Seattle Film Festival for encouraging international incontinence.”

The day before I watched the audience as Pocket Mouse Protector played. They were totally absorbed. About 15 minutes into the movie they were screaming with laughter. It went up from there.

All weekend the festival programmers and participants have been gushing about the great acting, the funny script, the unexpected twists, etc etc etc.

We have a cult classic movie on our hands with POCKET MOUSE PROTECTOR.

This week our sales representative is talking distribution platforms. We are not approaching Netflix because they wouldn’t take it. It looks like an indie film. It feels like an indie film. It is an indie film. Netflix and Amazon don’t do indie anymore.

Make Netflix and Amazon question their choices. Message them/tweet them that you want to watch POCKET MOUSE PROTECTOR.


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