At the Metropolitan Lounge

I travel coach. My favorite spot is in the lounge car. For the first time since I worked for Amtrak in the 80s I’m riding in a sleeping car. I submitted a super low bid in their ticket lottery and won!

It’s going to be a first class adventure! Starting at Portland’s Union Station with the Metropolitan Lounge. Only accessible to the hoy poloy.

This is luxury! Pleather couches and fake wood floors.  I feel so pretentious.  A complimentary juice.

The exclusivity is comforting to some people I suppose.  But I bet those people don’t meet other passengers. The train is the last remaining public space with people from all backgrounds interacting in the lounge and sharing a common experience.  I’m still FB friends with strangers I met on the train.

Maybe train travel is part of the solution to bridge the trumped up divide created by media and politicians.

An hour till boarding. I’ll return to my book.

The Passenger by Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz.