3 Day Vacay!

Pocket Mouse Protector production is wrapped! Yeaaaaa!

Before I begin the next phase (editing, color correction, sound mix, etc) my brain needs to switch tracks (foreshadowed pun), and I’m riding Amtrak on a quickie adventure from Portland to Glacier National Park. Woooohoooo!!

You know I’m a big train foamer. I see a train and begin drooling. It took me decades to admit that and go public. I have now come out of the closet twice.

Making movies and acting in shows is deeply satisfying. Riding trains makes me gleefully happy. I’ve been looking forward to a train ride since early May.

Originally my trip was Portland to San Antonio to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday. But last week railroad trestle burned down in the Mt. Shasta forest fire and the train is canceled. I was bummed. I got over it and booked this adventure. My layover at Glacier is 8 hours and then back on the train! A foamer’s dream vacation.

My backpack is filled with snacks, the New Yorker, railroad timetables that list all the mileposts and and radio frequencies, my radio for listening to the dispatcher and engineer, a jacket, a toothbrush.

I’m ready to go! Walking to the city bus now that takes me to the light rail that takes me to the Portland train station.

I’ll post pictures when I have cellphone service. (It’s t-mobile, so it will be spotty.) The trip is gorgeous – literally – as it follows the Columbia River Gorge up to the Snake River and later traverses the mountains of Idaho and Montana.

Stay tuned for pictures.

PS. The term ‘foamer’ is derogatory and railfans are highly insulted by it. I choose to own the term just as I now accept being called ‘queer’ without offense.


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