It’s getting a little hot in here

Yelena King is unbelievably funny in POCKET MOUSE PROTECTOR as she attempts to seduce Larry. I couldn’t stop laughing while we were filming. We had to shoot multiple takes for me to withstand her provocative efforts.

The past couple days we’ve filmed Jonas Israel getting a pie thrown in his face, Samson Syharath confessing to double dosing on a virility drug, and a three-way bromance with Aaron Filyaw, Devon Roberts and Matthew Sepeda.

The footage looks great! I’m super excited with the performances everyone is bringing to this movie. It’s going to be a total blast!!!

The next scene we’re filming has me tied naked to the bed. If you want to see that scene in it’s uncensored entirety pop over to and pitch in at least ten bucks. I’ll send movie contributors the full director’s cut of the film as soon as it’s finished.