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CEO’s control the government while an underground group of patriots evade arrest to stop them. Shannon Lark stars as Ariel Loner in the feature film about a young woman who uses her lovers to achieve her goal of thwarting the one man she hasn’t been able to manipulate.

Her web of seduction captures the handsome David (Aaron Weisinger) and leads him on a run for their lives as national security forces close in. It isn’t until David is finally trapped that he realizes he’s been used by the sultry Loner.

The film is a politically charged sci fi drama about mass media’s powerful influence on our minds and how easily we are manipulated to support those in power.

Watch Goliad Uprising now

“A very fun and engrossing technological thriller… never a dull moment.”Digital Macabre

“Goliad Uprising is a ‘must see!'” – Scorpio

“This movie kept me guessing from the start, and on the edge of my chair. A great watch I’ll repeat again soon.”Soundtrack to My Day

“I love me some Shannon Lark”Mr. Fright’s Scary Stuff

“Entire cast was brilliant.” – Pauline Emerson Australia

“Bright gets to realize his vision from start to finish, that is a very good thing.”Slackerwood

Watch Goliad Uprising now