Altitude Falling Feature Film

Watch Altitude Falling now.

To save his love, he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Watch Altitude Falling now.

“I loved this but im scared of what will happen in the future I hope this doesn’t happen. I cried bc it was a beautiful movie! I love Paul Bright he’s an amazing actor.” – Anna Horn

“I just watched your film and I am speechless… A really exceptional work and a great film in many ways! Inspired, sensitive, touching, stylish, well acted!” – John D Carnessiotis

“Brilliant. I loved the way Greg and Danny both learned from each other. Issy is amazing, so broadminded and forgiving. The theme is so relevant to what is happening around us today. Thank you for a really good piece of film.” -Monk3yboy69

“This type of mass surveillance is actually happening now in China where facial recognition is built into the camera system. It is only a matter of time before we all are forced into this type of scenario….all in the name of National Security.” – Peter Turner

“Good movie, thanks. A reiteration of the thematic of “We”, Big Brother, etc, and the warnings inherent in the Judeo/Christian Bible. Things overlooked for the sake of greediness in some of humankind.” – Aaron Allen

“I love the simplicity of this movie, no meandering plot. Seems realistic. I recognize Paul Bright in that Angora Ranch with that bunny movie. Good job!” – Ramir Lopez

“A great film. I so want to find out what happened when you to were hiding in those mountains…where’s part 2???” – sebesams

“Excellent and provocative movie. The love story is great. I have to admit though that the futuristic world you depict had me even more intrigued. I am very curious as to what provoked the story line. It sounds very familiar to some prophecy I know.” – Harold Machroli

“Silly Bunny Pictures!  Bravo!!  Please feed me more!!!!” – Lisa Star
“I just loved this film. it has such a good story line and beautiful people. Love you on Angora Ranch too. Any chance there will be a sequel this this story? Please think about it. Awesome job!” – Herbert Hall
“I really do really LIKE this one.. touch my heart, It seems all Paul Bright uploads and films were so very beautiful and touching!! makes me happy to watch this.” – Chermar Stane
“Very timely, the daughter was flooded out by a hurricane, and was forced to move in with her Mother, a very current scenery. Also loved the futuristic technology, and the clear monitor screens. The chip implant for monitoring is next evolutionary change beyond the ssn, a very controversial thing. Grandma getting made up for the train passing by was a laugh for sure. But how she got the timing to put up her umbrella in time for the flying soot from the engine was really first rate comedy. It reminded me of something I may have seen from tv comedy….i.e. Petticoat Junction….or Beverly Hillbillies….so funny…Thumbs up Mr Bright, another winner.” – Rodney Morgam Brown

Watch Altitude Falling now.