Aaron… Albeit a Sex Hero Full Feature Film

Watch Aaron…Albeit a Sex Hero 

One good man, one really bad day. 


Watch Aaron…Albeit a Sex Hero 

“This was a good movie. I watched it a while back and had been looking for it every since. I remembered the movies and certain scenes but forgot the title. Ran upon it by accident and glad i did.” – Oliver Jackson

“Please make more. This was sexy and a great ride!”  – Zale Rayne

“One of my favorites of yours Paul!!! well done.”- Lane Stovall

“Mr. Paul Bright a brilliant movie, hope to see more movies like this one soon!   excellent job, excellent casting and you are one of the reasons i love independent films!” – Joe Andrade

“I wish there was more movies with Matthew and that sexy beard of his.. so attractive and I liked his acting in this.” – Garrett Winczlav

“What a movie! It’s so comedic and hilarious!” – John Rukundo

“I got hot and sweaty just from watching the film. 2 Thumbs up.” – DeVaughn Seymor”

“Fun movie with some classic lines tossed in here and there. Near the ending the two crime-fighting dudes get all dirty and stinky; there’s one other element I’d like to throw in, but the script and writing didn’t call for it.” – Steve Johnson

“A sex romp with a difference – a HUGE difference! This made me laugh. Both the gun action & the pistol action had be all excited and heart pounding. Thoroughly entertaining.” – Colin-Roy Hunter

“Wow, this is the same cast from “Theft Of The Drag Queen’s Wig,” great movie Paul.” – Francisco Castaneda

“Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Marilyn is adorable and so is grammy! Of course, the leads are hot as hell!” – Ghostality Records

“Hey Paul…just watched “Aaron…”, and really, really enjoyed it. I don’t usually laugh out loud during a movie, but there were so many great moments. Loved the Movie Star Gals! I haven’t yet seen any of your other work, but fully intend to. Film was very well written, and plot was better than most “straight” buddy films, where there’s blood and gore flying in all directions, there’s still the “action”…and a couple of gay buddies who add a lot of dignity to the whole film.Give us more!” – James Rourke

“This is such an amazing movie, the action, the build up, the subtle romance, so well written… P.S.: The way they did it in the end was utterly amazing. The climaxed, so did I…”  – Joshua David


Watch Aaron…Albeit a Sex Hero