When ‘Gay’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Happy’

Stars in His Eyes

Last week a 20 something gay guy contacted me on Facebook asking if I could introduce him to some friends.  He lives in a country that barely tolerates homosexuality, he’s afraid to tell anyone about his sexuality, and he’s very lonely.

Not ‘lonely’ as in ‘wants to get laid,’ but very much alone.

I’ve lost count of how many men messaged me in a similar situation.  (And no, he doesn’t want me to marry him so he can become a US citizen.)

The reality outside our borders is that many men have no one who understands them, no companions, no buddies to hang out with, and until the world changes there’s no chance they’ll find Mr. Right and settle down together.

Why are these guys contacting me? 

They’ve seen the movies I make. These movies make them feel a little less alone in this world. These movies give them hope…

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