End of Principal Photography

Prof Tom Foolery Saves The Planet

Halden confronts Thomas Paul Bright and Alex McCracken in conflict in PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET.

That’s a partial wrap on PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET!

The cabin is just over the hill Paul Bright and Jonas D. Israel slog up the muddy hillside to their new home.

Jonas D. Israel (Amos) and Paul Bright (Thomas) shot the last scene this week in the rainy forest near Eugene, Oregon.

Now onto the Second Unit work. And there’s a lot to film:

  • 14 scenes with a singing Greek chorus
  • miniature steampunk contraptions
  • insert shots of opening doors, running feet, flying dirigibles

We’ll continue filming into the second week of March. Lots more pictures to come!

Watch for full scene excerpts and the film’s trailer in April!!

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