Review of Long Term Parking in WebVee Guide

Boston Nightly: Long Term Parking

Reprinted from WebVee Guide

-Susan Siniawsky

Bounty hunter Boston Nightly  (Tony Bottorff) is looking forward to his retirement on a beach somewhere with a cold beer in one hand and a lovely señorita in the other.  But, as Boston well knows, one of the absolutes in life is that as soon as a guy is flush with a bit of cash, the washing machine will flood the laundry room or the air conditioner will break in the heat of summer.  Another absolute – and contrary to popular belief- is that dying hurts like hell.  Boston should know. In this film he gets killed more times than I could count. 

The Kid (David Young) with his Buddy Holly specs and cheesy corn chip breath, is Boston’s first killer. God has come to him in a dream and ordered the hit. Along with Boston, The…

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