Lumbersexual ?…Who knew?

From Cascades Lookout Farm:

Cascades Lookout Farm

We received the latest copy of “OUT” mag the other day. Bored out of my mind from nursing this cold, I picked up the copy to browse through the slick ads. It’s about the only connection to the “gay urban world” we have out here in the Cascade boon docks. I noticed the placement of two ads and thought it funny. One was an ad for very expensive “Lumberjack” clothes. On the opposite page was a full page ad for Portland, Oregon. Remember, the pages before and after these ads are filled with hairless, skinny, tweenkie models. So, I shared the ad with Paul and he let me know there was a new term out there for urban guys who sport beards, wear flannel and build their own furniture. The Lumbersexual. Hmmmm…..

I have been googling away this morning looking into this new trend. Even out in the woolies of…

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