One Last Thing

I understand you.

You spent more than you expected on color correction and graphics.

It took longer to mix the sound.

You had to do a pick-up shot, calling back your lead actor months after you wrapped. He’s cut his hair. And grown a beard. You devise a work-around.

Now you find out your film must be closed-captioned to be distributed.

And it’s inhumanely expensive.

Not anymore.

We’ll caption your film for less than if you did it yourself.

The only thing we need is your movie (mp4 is preferred, but we can handle other formats). Send us your script if the names have unique spellings, there are funky words, or your actors use heavy accents.

We send you back the closed-caption file your distributors require.

There’s no minimum charge, no minimum length, and we aren’t concerned about your artistic content.

Is that easy or what?

Now you’re free to publicize the movie and walk the red carpet.