For the Love of Mary

“I just don’t want you to be disappointed in me,” Mary apologized over the phone this afternoon. “I don’t have final confirmation yet on the car.”

“You found the car! I’m thrilled! I’m ecstatic! I couldn’t be any happier! We have a Cadillac for our movie. What a relief.” I did a little dance in my Oregon office, disturbing the cat from his second mid-afternoon nap.

Planning a film shoot 2,077 miles away from the location presents lots of challenges. I can’t knock on doors, drive down streets to look at camera angles, ask people to let me borrow props, costumes or cars. Until two weeks ago I was working this movie remotely.

Then I surrendered and accepted Mary Farrar’s email to help. “Anything you need. I have time right now.”

Those were the magic words.

Thanks to Mary we have locations for seven days of the shoot; the Long Term Parking Lot, the junkyard, the strip mall, the beach bedroom, the lawyer’s office. Thanks to Mary we have firearms; lots of guns, shotguns, big guns, little guns, all kinds of guns. Thanks to Mary we have cars; vintage 1970s, vintage 1960s, vintage, beautiful cars.

“I’m making you Line Producer,” I told her Sunday. “Well, whatever,” she said.

No, no, not whatever, Mary. Picture 2

You are pulling this movie together.

Thank you.

For those of you who want to chat while I’m in Austin I’ll be having dinner this Friday night at Chuy’s on Barton Springs Road at 8:30 (if the plane is on time and car rental works out). I’ll also be at the Austin Film Meet on Monday December 2nd at Stompin’ Grounds Coffee at 7pm.

We begin filming this Monday (December 2nd) at 9am. We’ve been very fortunate to receive 75% of our funding already on IndieGoGo. Can you help us finish up this weekend? It would sure be a big relief to me.–2/x/25077