Fly Me to the Moon, or Austin. Whichever.

Boston Nightly Lands in Heaven

BOSTON: I’ve got a fucking tail!
GALLO: When bodies decompose together you can never be sure how reassembly will go.
BOSTON: I’m half mutt!
GALLO: Ain’t life a bitch.
BOSTON: (baring his teeth) I’m trying to think of just when would have been the right time to tell me you turned me into fido. (points down at the dog)
MARLENE, a blonde beauty, runs into the office.
MARLENE: Down, boy, down! Stop it! Down boy!
BOSTON: Stop with the slapping, sweetie, or I’ll bite your ass.
GALLO: Okay, okay. Just take it easy.
DOG: Hey! You went through life and all you had was this? What am I supposed to do?
BOSTON: It’s how you use it.
DOG: Tell that to the ladies.

Three Years of Planning to Make this Movie

Adapted from Mike Kearby’s outrageously funny novel LONG TERM PARKING, we’re bringing the characters of Boston Nightly, Marlene, Tony Carlucci, Chel, Gallo and the whole mobster clan to life! This is not an animated film – it’s a real live action movie – starring some brilliant up-and-coming actors we’ll be seeing a lot of in future years. Fortunately we can get them now before they’re famous and won’t take my phone calls.

We’re filming in Austin, Texas this December.

Now is the time to lock in airfares and this is the most important priority right now. There is always a dip in airfares during this two week window at the beginning of December. We’re taking advantage of this cost savings to get this movie made.

  • Tony Bottorff (Boston Nightly) flies in from Kansas.
  • Gary Lee Mahmoud (Gallo) flies in from New York.
  • Mat Bostrom (The Kid) flies in from Oregon.
  • Brantley Moate (Johnny ) flies in from Georgia.
  • Paul Bright (director/producer) flies in from Oregon.

We want to fund:

  • Five air fares.
  • Preproduction costs.
  • Production Insurance.

This movie is fun.

Will making this movie end world hunger?

  • No.

Will it end all war?

  • No.

Will it cajole your boss into giving you a raise?

  • Depends on your boss. Some bosses have no sense of humor.

I’ve made seven (7) movies about social issues, injustice, government malfeasance, living in poverty. It’s time we all get a break.

LONG TERM PARKING is damn funny. It’s outrageous.

Boston Nightly is the kind of guy we all wish we could be. Well, maybe not the part about having a dog tail. I wouldn’t want that. But here’s a guy who thought he was finally finished fighting the battles of the world and then he lands in heaven with a whole new list of enemies to knock off. And he does it with style, with grace, with dogged determinism, with canine cunning, with furrocious fortitude.

You, Me and Our Sense of Humor

If you’re like me, you’ve looked through your DVD collection and scanned the movie list on Netflix a hundred times looking for something funny to watch to forget about the world for a couple hours.

And there’s just not a lot of really funny movies being made anymore that aren’t insulting our intelligence.

When I was asked to adapt Mike Kearby’s novel I knew immediately this is going to be a great movie. A comfort film. The movie I’m going to watch a hundred times and still laugh every time I see it.

I’m counting on you because I know you need this movie as much as I do.

Donate frequent flier tickets, open your guest bedroom in Austin for a cast member, plan to cook a meal for the film, mark your calendar for the film’s release in April, donate money, share the page, reach out and touch me at I promise to touch you back.

Please help.

-Paul Bright

Director/Producer and Screenplay Co-Writer