Getting My Mojo in Motion

It only happens once a year.

The big Business of Film Conference on the Rice University campus in Houston is Saturday. Time to start packing.

I’ve already put together a power-point presentation for the case study I’m presenting on shooting FORGOTTEN HERO for $5,000. I’m showing a clip from a dramatic turning point in the film so everyone can see how great the movie looks and what can be done with only a little cash.  Plus I’ve prepared a ten page handout with contracts, publicity templates, spreadsheets for scheduling and continuity along with tons of links for filmmaking resources. That’s what I’m bringing to the conference.

What’s really incredible about this coming weekend is what I’ll receive.

I’m looking forward to private consultations with an entertainment lawyer and an accountant to answer a few questions I have (which would normally cost me an appointment fee).

Orly Ravid, Adam Donaghey and Kirstian Salinas are talking about working the film festival circuit.  Scott Szabo and Barry Coffing are sharing resources on music and sound effects.  Courtney Daniels is talking about distribution for indies.  I get to see my buddy Alfred Cervantes from the Houston Film Commission again on a panel about building audiences for films.

And if I can squeeze it all in Stephanie Whallon from the Texas Film Commission is talking about work that’s happening in Texas now and what’s coming up;  C. Wyatt Cagle and Bruce Ingram are giving post-production tips;  John Cones lays out the legalities of working with investors;  Locke Bryan, Carlos Arakelian, Trent Wittenbach, and Alex Luster share insights on Houston’s commercial market; Michael Saleman, Trish Avery and Michelle Mower explain union contracts and deal memos; Remy Carter joins other panelists to explain how to pitch scripts and story ideas; my fiscal sponsor organization Fractured Atlas will be there explaining production insurance (which I’ve used twice).

I’ll miss Caitlin Boyle’s presentation on grass-roots distribution because I’m talking about shooting FORGOTTEN HERO during the same time slot.  I hope I can catch up with her later. I’ll also try to catch Shauna Cross, Laura Schlecht, Clay Liford, Bastian Gunther, Michael Kotschi, and all the other speakers and panelists. 

This is the most focused event on actually doing the work of making movies I’ve ever attended.  I loved it last year and I’m looking forward to an amazing weekend.  Oh! And we get to see two film screenings I’ve heard a lot about: HOUSTON and THE INVISIBLE WAR.

I’d love it if you can go with me.

Will you be able to make it? Let’s eat lunch together and compare notes.