I Had No Idea

While making a few minor tweaks this afternoon I discovered the Paul Bright Films website has 2,699 followers.


How totally awesome! Of each of you.

Thanks for coming along for the joy ride.

Because I’m all about sharing, here’s a little sneak peak at a scene in FORGOTTEN HERO which I’m editing right now.

Mathew Bostrom and Patrick D. Green just had a fight over a woman and then this moment happens. 

Earlier today I had a great conversation with Hal Croasmun at ScreenwritingU talking about how indie film production differs from the major Hollywood studios, and what we consider when screenwriters ask us to produce their scripts. Hal recorded the session, which will only be available for his clients (understandably). I hope the insights from this world help new screenwriters succeed in getting their work produced.  And talking to Hal was a blast. What a cool guy. I look forward to keeping in touch with him in the future.

  • Tomorrow I’m acting in another television commercial with Kate Young, Joel Albrecht and Marcee Long. It’s a sequel to this: 
  • Sunday I’m participating in a screenplay table read of Rosalind Malin’s newest work.
  • The rest of this month and during August I’m editing FORGOTTEN HERO and scripting my next feature VICTIM’S REVENGE.

Keep in touch. I love chatting with you.