Let’s All Go to the Movies

For the first time, ever, ANGORA RANCH is now streaming free for you to enjoy. It only takes one rabbit for two men to fall in love.

This is my first feature film, a sweet romance, that has been seen by millions of people around the world.  We filmed it in my house in Texas and some of the stage actors from my theater company played central roles.  

A few weeks before ANGORA RANCH released Tim Jones passed away. (He played the comical father figure in the film.) Tim and I were life partners and his sudden death was devastating.  I made THEFT OF THE DRAG QUEEN’S WIG in tribute to him the following year.  We filmed the funeral scene in that film on the first day of shooting, which was my way of saying a final farewell to my true love. This satirical comedy is still my personal favorite.

In response to the changing economy, falling DVD sales in the industry, and pressure from distributors I titled my next feature AARON… ALBEIT A SEX HERO.  A bizarre title, I know, but with the word ‘sex’ on the DVD jacket the movie had promising distribution.  

The movie is about a regular guy who gets in trouble and takes heroic action to save himself and a group of fun-loving travelers.

This was my most challenging shoot because we were filming in the dark in the Texas country, handling snakes, scorpions, tarantulas and fighting off killer mosquitoes.

The popularity of the May-September romance in ANGORA RANCH was astounding, so I created another May-September tale with the film ALTITUDE FALLING.

Several years ago I saw our privacy as individuals was soon going to be destroyed.  I made this film as a cautionary tale.  I had no way of realizing how true this movie would become.

Many friends in my life were beginning to face their mid-life crises, uncertain of where to go next, what to do, questioning if what they had done so far was worth the sacrifices they’d made.  In response to the challenges they face I made ABRUPT DECISION. The DVDs for the film are now out-of-print.  This film can only be seen on Amazon streaming. ABRUPT DECISION

It became blatantly obvious to me two years ago that our national news media was in such fierce competition to attract viewers that broadcasters were reporting unconfirmed rumors, propaganda, and vapid “interest” stories with no regard for facts or validity. I believed that soon the media would be nothing more than propaganda machines for their owners.  GOLIAD UPRISING is my near-future sci-fi analogy to our present day news feed that insults our intelligence with its stupidity.