Two Reel Characters

One of the most pleasurable aspects of editing is working with amazing actors.

Here are two examples of actor reels I did recently.

Jay Pennington is a character actor based in Texas.  

“This is wonderful Paul! Exactly what I needed. I think there are about 12 projects in 60 seconds…with a nice variety. Interesting grouping… wizard to wizard…different characters grouping.. great!! Great editing with the music or voice from other projects blending into previous or post scenes. Excellent!!” – Jay Pennington

Parvati is a character actor based in New York City.  

“I showed my reel to people who are “in the business” and they thought the reel was wonderful. They commented especially on the ending – the word they used was ‘brilliant.’ They also said that they thought it showed your wittiness and sense of humor. I also loved the way you ended the reel: brilliant is a really good word for it.” -Parvati

Actors need strong reels.

I’m currently auditioning talent for my next feature, LONG TERM PARKING. Some of the reels I’m being sent are disappointing; they don’t highlight the strengths of the submitting actor and don’t inspire me to cast them.

Don’t make the mistake others are making. Contact me to put together your acting reel.