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LONG TERM PARKING, the sci-fi bounty-hunter thriller, which is adapted from the novel of the same name, films in Texas in late August.

I am currently casting.

Synopsis: The hero, Boston Nightly, is shot by a mafia torpedo in the first five minutes of the movie. He morphs into heaven and goes to work cleaning up the thugs left on earth by bouncing between the two dimensions. Boston meets a woman in each world, both of whom want to drag him into bed and then kill him. To throw a quirky twist into the mix, the first time he morphed he was sent with a loveable dog and acquired a long bushy tail that wags furiously when he gets excited. It’s a wild, funny movie.


  • Marlene, female, mid 30s, seductive, sophisticated, enchanting.
  • Chel, female, mid 30s, sensuous, sassy, overbearing, big-boned.
  • Bail Bondsman, male, mid 40s, haggard.
  • Carlucci, male, mid 50s, chain-smoker, weathered facial features.
  • Mickey, male, 20’s, easy-going surfer type.
  • Joey Sacs, male, 50s, mafia boss.
  • Lou Freida, male, 50s, mafia hitman, large build or overweight.

Please submit headshots, resumes and actor reel links to

Submissions must be received by June 14, 2013 to be considered.

We will be filming in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio depending on cast and location requirements.


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