FORGOTTEN HERO, the suspense thriller, is in post-production in Oregon.

No heat, no phone, no food.  It’s murder. 

A homeless combat vet (Trevor), hitchhiking to someplace better, is brought home by a sympathetic hippie husband and wife (Shawn and Chloe) who share their house with another couple (Anna and Hans). The vet remains at the house to protect it from raiders as anarchy breaks out in town. When the wife has an affair with the vet and gets pregnant the real violence begins. 

Cast – Mathew Bostrom, Heather Liddycoat, Patrick D. Green, Stuart Bennett, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Patty Gray, Mike Hawkins, Peter Young, Kim Fairbairn

Previews September 2013; Release October 1, 2013. 

LONG TERM PARKING, a very naughty movie, is in pre-production for a shoot in Texas this summer.

Boston Nightly is a bounty hunter being chased by two amorous women with guns while trying to catch trigger happy mobsters. It’s a dog’s life, but Boston has got to do it. 

Release Spring 2014.