A Week From Today We Jump in the Fray

Not really. 

The FORGOTTEN HERO shoot is organized and everything is falling into place. The cast is amazing, and as far as I can tell, will be a lot of fun to work with. I’ve got the best soundman in the land flying in Sunday. Business owners and even the city are eagerly opening their doors for our shoot. It’s all going right. 

Tell that to my body, which decided to launch a massive migraine attack over the weekend, segueing into a full instant diet plan today.  I’m back to wearing the same size as I did in junior high. Give me a tutu and I could audition for Ballet Trocadero. (After a few dance lessons.)

The only outstanding concern is finishing the financial campaign to pay for making this movie. The hard drives, digital cards, and all that stuff is paid for and on its way from Amazon. I still need to feed this cast/crew and put gas in their tanks.

If you can help I will certainly appreciate it.  The cast will appreciate it. My crew will appreciate it. Even my cats will appreciate (but don’t expect them to show it).

Donors who fund FORGOTTEN HERO get the digital download of the full feature film before it releases to the public. You paid to make this movie, you reap the rewards.

Every donation makes a big difference.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/forgotten-hero-feature-film-production

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  Just don’t try this diet plan, you wouldn’t look good in a tutu.


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