Two Weeks from Today

We will film.

FORGOTTEN HERO, the suspense thriller about a combat vet who moves in with a family in the isolated Cascade mountains, is almost ready to shoot.

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We are fully cast. Mathew Bostrom stars as the returning soldier, who isn’t exactly who he appears to be.  Heather Liddycoat is the sympathetic woman who invites him home. Her husband, Patrick Green, reluctantly agrees.  Stuart Bennett and Jasmin Savoy Brown share the house, and the danger, of a bringing a stranger home.  The neighbors, Mike Hawkins and Peter Young, steal to eat. Patty Gray does what she can as the Sheriff in the area.

I’m also stepping in front of camera for the role that is too creepy for any other actor to play. You will want me to die.

This week I’ll be gathering props, securing locations and figuring out costumes. This is also the final week to purchase external hard drives and flash cards for recording and storing the film.

We are 60% funded. That’s enough to get started, but not enough to finish.

Help us get this movie in the proverbial can:

Everyone who donates will receive the digital download of the full feature film. And that’s better than a t-shirt or poster. 

Be the first to see the film: Fund the film. It’s simple. And your resources will help a lot of other people do the work they do best.



  1. It would be SO much better with you here. In fact I was thinking of calling you last night for your input. I assume you’re busy, but I was gonna call anyway.

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