I Will Remember You

I will remember the lives we shared together. I will remember the jokes, the funny pictures, the outrages, the moments we longed for change.

And I remember how things used to be.

When we made my first movie (ANGORA RANCH) everything was a challenge, from the casting process to the film’s distribution. It took nearly a year after the film’s completion before it was listed on IMDb (Internet Movie Database). It was a struggle for acceptance, a struggle to prove the work we were doing meant something to somebody.

Sunday evening I submitted FORGOTTEN HERO to IMDb as a new listing. By Monday afternoon the film was on the site. Today I added the cast to the listing, some of whom are receiving their first credit with IMDb. It is amazing how much difference experience and a track record makes, how many challenges are less daunting.

Thanks to Kate Young at KEY Talent Management in Eugene, Oregon this was the easiest film I’ve ever cast. In one afternoon I met 30 talented performers, none of whom I’d ever seen before,  and six hours later I had the team that will make FORGOTTEN HERO unforgettable.

And this film is coming together so quickly and hassle-free I am simply amazed. Doors to locations are being unlocked, time schedules are aligning, equipment is being loaned and shipped. Paul Fleck, the former marketing executive at Paramount Pictures, is handling the film’s distribution publicity and marketing.

This will be the fastest film I’ve ever produced. I didn’t even have the idea for this movie before Christmas. In six weeks we begin filming.

I’m making this movie because I want to remember this time in our life – five years after the financial crash – and the resiliency to survive. I want to remember the gorgeous mountains, the snows, the lingering rain, and roaring waterfalls. I want to remember the people, who open their hearts without expecting anything in return, simply because they want to share their stories.

This year I’ll continue documenting stories in JACK’S COFFEE TALK, while creating the fictional tale of FORGOTTEN HERO. What I learn from the people interviewed in JACK’S COFFEE TALK inspires the FORGOTTEN HERO feature film. This story could never be told by someone who hasn’t lived here or doesn’t understand this life. My greatest hope is FORGOTTEN HERO will lure you into a world that feels undeniably real. 

Please join us in this adventure in the rain forest.  Join the FORGOTTEN HERO page on Facebook, like the FORGOTTEN HERO page on IMDb, contribute to the film’s success on IndieGoGo.

We would like a few things that will help us make the movie: Gas money, hot food in the middle of a cold and wet day, a few external hard drives to house the film’s footage. And I would like Patrick Henderson’s help on set, recording sound and helping me keep everything prepared for  shooting.

I will make a movie for you if you can help make the movie for me. The best way to help right now is on this IndieGoGo campaign.

No one will ever forget FORGOTTEN HERO.

Because you’ll make this movie happen, I will always remember you.



  1. Thankyou, your email could not have come at a better time! the one “I will allways remember you”” I was so down today….thanks
    Betty z.

  2. Paul,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    One more thing, what type of those 3 hardrivres for storage where you needing?
    My husband ask me, to ask you……
    Also great , funny idea for a comedy, I thought of last nite.
    Send info on drives to my email thanks. apple store down the street. yea!
    Tell Jack hi! He is so cool
    Betty zuspann
    still recovering from car crash! But hanging in there.

  3. Still recovering??? Oh, gosh, Betty, how miserable. I feel for you.

    In my own case I know I don’t recover from injuries as much or as quickly as I did when I was younger. It’s the nature of life. Still I hate to think last year’s crash has impacted you so long.

  4. getting there thanks for asking. two more years! they say for head injury, but I’ writing a script now and have money to shoot.
    Say a red camera today. texas production roundup show in Grapevine convention center. Found a lady there at one booth who can teach me the basics on final cut pro! I know some, I do it now. But I want to learn more.
    believe it or not I learned to text yesterday! ha, ha! Hows the cat? love him!
    I do not know who I send money to you or Jack for film or coffee.speed up the song just a hair if it’s the begining…I wrote a produced songs.
    See how it sounds. If beiining or theme its good, however pump it up if you can and listen to it. It’s good song.

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