Hollywood Thinks You Are Stupid

The studios make inane movies because they think we’re too dumb to tie our shoes.

You and I are not stupid.

This is your chance to prove Hollywood wrong by making smart movies the brightest way possible. Making movies is seductive. The cost of borrowing a camera makes filming more affordable than ever before.

  • What is going to make your film special?
  • Why are people going to watch your movie and encourage their friends to see your movie?
  • How are you going to make your money back so you can make another movie, and keep making movies for as long as you’d like?

It requires more than picking up a camera and pointing.

You can do it and for very little money.

I have. I’ve made nine feature films, which people around the world are watching, enjoying, and buying. I’m making another movie right now. I make one every year.

“Worth the time and investment.” -Steve H. (Los Angeles, CA)
“It inspired me to get on with it.” -Rebecca C. (Houston, TX)

Whether your script needs surgery, your production needs rehabilitation, or your distribution needs defibrillation the doctor is in.