Psych! Mother Nature Called ‘Wolf’

We thought it was going to become dreary, cloudy and depressing two weeks ago with the Autumnal Equinox.

And we were so wrong.

Instead today is again gorgeous.  Gorgeous I tell you.
Might go hiking this afternoon, since today’s work is almost finished. Soak up the sun while I can.

My internet clients are bustling. As you probably know I update with casting and crew calls throughout the day. We are getting record numbers of posts for film production work in Texas. Last month topped my previous record and this month is on track to best that.

I have multiple film projects in pre-production. Two feature films in Texas this coming year. And several shorter projects in Oregon this fall and winter.

The big news today is Jack the Garden Cat finally has his own web series: Jack’s Coffee Talk. He’s so excited he had to lick himself. Episodes will begin releasing in November after the election tension is resolved. He’s already filmed one interview and has several more scheduled this weekend. I’m concerned about wearing him out, but he’s such a pro (and a total narcissist) he’s clamoring for as much attention as possible.

The weather forecast for tomorrow: Rain. Yes, finally, rain. Storms are supposed to roll in all weekend, each day with a stronger, windier, colder front.

The wood stove is working great. Joe hung the heavy curtains downstairs to keep the drafts subdued. The pantry is stocked and we have fresh home-made beef soup on the stove.

Life is good.

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