Fall Fell Like a Wet Blanket

As if the jet stream knew what calendar day it is, the autumnal equinox is shrouded in clouds and light drizzle here at the West Coast penthouse.

Joe is downstairs, baking cookies. I heard him get up early this morning and start the fire in the wood stove.

We picked up extra pairs of wool socks at the Santiam Market this week, gathered the garden tools we’d scattered at our various yard projects, hung the heavy curtains and are prepared to move into the long winter.

I still have work to do in our future garden – as in – gotta prepare the ground for a future garden.

My little flower bed and sunken jacuzzi pond is already sprouting wildflowers. Yesterday I scattered sweet pea seed that we’d gathered on the highway. At least three of the goldfish are still alive, though they’d be happier if I’d submerge some cattail and water iris for shelter.

But today I have two editing projects (a short film and an actor’s reel) on the hard drive that I want to finish before Monday morning. And the new DSLR camera arrived from Amazon this week, which I know almost nothing about how to operate.

I think this weather calls for some cookies and hot chocolate while I crawl back in bed to read the Panasonic user manual. Hibernation begins. Wake me in the spring.

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