Jack’s New TV Series

Paul: Hey, Jack.

Jack: I’m meditating.

Paul: Wake up, I have an idea.

Jack: Is dinner served?

Paul: No, not yet.

Jack: Ring me when hors’ d’oeuvres are on the table.

Paul: I’ve got a great idea for a webseries.

Jack: On the internet?

Paul: Yes.

Jack: I’m not flushing toilets, shredding paper or playing the piano. No one watches that drivel, anyway.

Paul: Yeah, well, I don’t know.  But I did have this idea with you as the host of an interview show.

Jack: Like Anderson Cooper.

Paul: Maybe more like Geraldo Rivera.

Jack: Pardon me, I need to clean my toes.

Paul: Your public wants to see you again.

Jack: My public can send a SWAT Team to rescue me.

Paul: Oh please.

Jack: 778  Forty-Second Avenue

Paul: You love it here.

Jack: Sweet Home.

Paul: You’ve never been happier.

Jack: Who would name a town ‘Sweet Home?’

Paul: That’s the thing, see.  You could interview the locals, get their perspective on living here, talk about what they do.

Jack: Drugs, and beat their wives.

Paul: I wasn’t thinking about those kind of interviews.

Jack: I can sneak into the center of a heroin party and capture exclusive footage of people shooting up.

Paul: I was thinking more about interviewing the little old ladies that plant flowers on Main Street.

Jack: Ride in the cop car while they evict hippies from abandoned buildings.  Burn down illegal pot crops in the forest.

Paul: Chat with the guy who runs the feed store?  Interview the woman who makes noodle collages?

Jack: I think I’ll look for mice.

Paul: Of course I can’t do it unless I get a camera.

Jack: We can be thankful for that.

Paul: I started a donation campaign on Fractured Atlas.

Jack: We can only hope no one contributes.

Paul: Don’t be mean.

Jack: People, listen to me. If he gets a camera I’ll have no rest around here.  It will be Paparazzi Paul in my face 24-7.

Paul: Painters need paintbrushes. Writers need pencils!

Jack: Cats need solitude.

Paul: We have all winter together.

Jack: That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

Paul: And I can use the camera for my feature film in Texas next year.

Jack: Am I in it?

Paul: Uh, I don’t know. I mean, it’s going to be in the summer, in Texas. And there’s not really a role for you.

Jack: So I get to do ‘man-on-the-street’ interviews instead?

Paul: From a cat’s perspective.

Jack: What has my career come to?

Paul: If I get a camera everyone can find out.  The donation site is here. I think I can get a used camera and equipment for about 800 bucks.  https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=7041

Jack: Eight hundred dollars would by a lot of catnip. 

Paul: Do the show and I’ll get you catnip.

Jack: Promise?

Paul: Yes.  I’ll write a memo deal.  You can send it to your agent. Jeepers, you’re demanding. 

Jack: We should name the show The Jack Show.

Paul: Let’s get the camera equipment first. 

Jack: How about “Big Cat Around Town.”  Or “Cattin’ About.”  I want my own theme music. And my own dressing room.  This will be my big comeback…


  1. Love the interviewing idea. Odd, I have begun “looking forward to Jack’s photos and communication”. Is my life exciting or borning? lol Wishing you much success in all and I will donate to the camera. Hugs, Connie

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