Goliad Is Official

Last night’s premiere of GOLIAD UPRISING was a huge success, and a great night. The theater was full, we got coverage in the local paper, and the audience loved the movie.

Even better, the film generated heated discussions and debate. Mission accomplished.

Now I’m on the road.


Drove from Austin to Houston. Took a quick stop for lunch at Dairy Queen in Giddings. Here’s trivia for you: These two railroad tracks represent two jobs in my past.


The track verging right is the start of the Austin freight railroad that runs into the Hill Country. I was a freight conductor three years on those tracks. The track the goes straight ahead is Union Pacific. I worked those tracks for a year, running between San Antonio and a little town in east Texas.

And we’re setting up at Apollocon in Houston. Lots of people reuniting with friends. It’s another small convention, but we’ll see how it goes. GOLIAD UPRISING screens here tomorrow.

I’m exhausted, and my back is killing me. I’m looking for a hot tub tonight.

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