Oh Baby, What a Bump!

My flight from Portland to San Francisco was oversold and I volunteered to give up my seat.

I’m on the red-eye tonight to Houston and will be in Austin in time tomorrow for the radio show.

BUT get this: I got a travel voucher for 400 bucks which will pay for my flight to Chicago’s Worldcon Labor Day Weekend! I’ve been invited to be on some panels and they might be screening Goliad Uprising. And now I can get there! Yesssssssss!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: I got two ten dollar meal vouchers while I wait today. Normally ten bucks in an airport pays for a bagel. But in this place it’s against the law for restaurants to charge any more than the regular fees at their other outlets. Ten bucks later I’m stuffed: huge California burrito and fruit bowl.

WAIT, THERE’S EVEN MORE: I got a haircut and beard trim at the airport barber. I could even get a massage, but not gonna go wild here.

When the gate agent was telling me about the value of the voucher, the two meals AND REBOOKING ME IN FIRST CLASS on tonight’s flight, I almost asked if I would get lucky if I hang out in the bathroom stalls.

That would have been amusing if I were 20. At 47 it would have been creepy. Though not impossible.

What am I supposed to do? Tap my feet while humming “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?” I have no experience with airport trade, but since today is going so well….

Wait, he’s cute. I gotta go.


  1. Where were you when I was going to U.T.? Oh that’s right – still in HIGH SCHOOL! Bitch. And I type that in a loving way. Can’t wait for late dinner Saturday night. Will want dirt and/or pictures of the cutie.

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