Launching the Movie

The chickens slept safely in their new coop last night and my farm work is done for the next fifteen days.

At 5am Joe drove me to Albany to begin the Goliad Uprising movie tour. Oh the glamour, the excitement, the overpacked suitcase! Five pairs of socks!


I was gonna leave my jacket with Joe but it’s only 51 degrees this morning and too cool for my t-shirt. When I arrive in Austin tonight at midnight it’s supposed to be a nighttime low of 79.


This train from Albany to Portland is neato. The interior looks like a Chunnel Train, sorta.

My schedule this week puts me on a radio show tomorrow at 1, another radio show Thursday at 2, the World Premiere that night. Tickets are still available for Thursday night.

This weekend the film screens at Houston’s Apollocon, then I go to San Antonio, and finally Miami for Supercon at the end of the month.

Oregon City station. Cuter than Disneyland.

Amtrak arrived in Portland.

I can finally check these boxes of DVDS. Whew.

Let’s chat tomorrow! I’m on air at 1 pm central time. Online at If there’s a call-in option, I hope you will.


  1. Paul,

    I so wish Greg and I could be there to see the Premiere. After screening ‘Abrupt Decision’ we got spoiled with seeing your movies first! LOL.

    Have a great time…we will just have to wait to receive the DVD!

    I know it will be GREAT!!!

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