Lots of Campaigns, Not a Lot of Donors

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who donated and/or spread the word about my recent fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to finish off GOLIAD UPRISING.  To each of you I am extremely grateful and appreciative.

Has anyone else noticed how many indie films are now running funding campaigns?

My Facebook page is getting filled with filmmaker requests, cajoles, and pleas for cash. Maybe it’s because I have a lot friends who are filmmakers and we’re all trying to do our work, and the only way we can find to pay for it is from donations.   Maybe it’s because my filmmaker friends can’t raise money the way they did in the past (distributor advances, investors, credit cards).  Maybe I’m simply becoming more aware of these campaigns since I’m doing them myself.

And I’m probably to blame for some of this since I mentor people in social media and crowd sourcing to fund their movies.

Ultimately there has got to be another way to do this.  I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Here’s a sample of today’s campaigns:

Friend  A serious drama about coping with being different and loving yourself.

The Trouble With Barry  A gay actor may or may not be a psycho killer.

Pete Winning and the Pirates A webseries ‘full of adventure, romance, futuristic effects and comedy.’

Welcome to New York A therapist (who is a drag queen) counsels new residents on living in New York.

Summit Five friends go hiking in a Vermont snow storm and are slashed and bloodied.

Leather Backwoods guys fall in love. (This project didn’t make its target and closed last night.)

Child of the 70’s  A webseries about a struggling New York actor who meets an actor role model from forty years ago.

Hush Up Sweet Charlotte  “A little more suspenseful, a lot more bloody and dont (sic) forget… hilarious” compared to the Bette Davis classic.

Peephole  A guy falls in love at the porn shop.

Sacrament Seven friends on vacation break down in a small town and risk either religious conversion or cannibalism.




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