Jet Setting

My sister, who takes frequently vacations to Hawaii, Europe  and all over North America, not to mention last year’s Alaskan cruise or the weekend in the Bahamas, writes me acknowledging I’ve become “quite the jetsetter.”

I will gladly admit that this hour in first class would appear to be lavish, but the upgrade was a free fluke, the plane is smaller than the matchbox apartment in New York, and peanuts taste the same whether I’m  sitting in row 2 or row 12.

What IS totally coooool is the cause for the journey: A weekend meeting new sci fi loving friends and the exciting opportunity to see GOLIAD UPRISING screen for the first time.

Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘exciting’ since the real feeling is absolute terror the audience will hate the movie  or even worse, feel indifferent about it. Since the screening is Sunday, I have two days of morbid anticipation.

Another airport. This one is Washington International.

No matter what the reaction, it’s been a good ride  and I’m grateful for the journey. Today Atlanta. Tuesday New York. Wednesday Sweet Home and back to digging post holes for the garden.

I’ll let you know if they throw chairs during the screening or snub me as I slip out of the hotel.

If anyone needs a bar of soap let me know and I’ll snag you some.  Stealing souvenir soap; I am a jetsetter.

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