A Perfect 10

At this immediate moment, ABRUPT DECISION has a viewer rating of 10.0

The ultimate prize!

I took a picture of the screen to capture the excitement.

Because, quite frankly, I know it won’t last.

Not to be a downer or total global disaster gloomy Gus, but I know not everyone is going to feel this good about this movie. No movie keeps a 10.0 rating.

It’s been an interesting odyssey making these films. There’s that brief period of elation when the movie is finished and being screened for an audience of friendly viewers.  During this breath of relief I know I’ve done the best I could with what I had. Still I know there are some glitches in the finished version and the movie doesn’t in any way resemble my original vision for the film. But with this moment of acceptance, I have a feeling of euphoria, of accomplishment, of success.

Nothing else can compare to this endorphin rush.

It’s never lasted long.

The initial online feedback on ANGORA RANCH tore the movie to shreds.  The attacks were brutal. I cried. I went into deep depression.

The applause at the premiere screening for THEFT OF THE DRAG QUEEN’S WIG was great. The next morning someone called and made snarky comments about the film’s failings.

AARON…ALBEIT A SEX HERO never really got much traction to begin with.  I think it’s ironically hysterical. I may be alone in that opinion.

ALTITUDE FALLING is still finding its audience.  It’s a creepy movie when you think about it. Initially the reaction to the film is not so great.  But the next day and the day after people are still thinking about the movie, and that’s when it hits them how disturbing the movie really is.

So here we are, right now, on top of the world with ABRUPT DECISION.  A 10.0!  A gold medal!  Score one for the team!!

Wanna start a betting pool on how long it lasts?

You can see the movie at www.abruptdecision.com


  1. Paul, We meet 5-Years ago (on my January birthday) at a print job we both did for Enspire Learning. Little did I know, my “butterfly personality” had made a connetion with one of so many many talents! I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. This past week-end I was visiting my son, Dominic, in Milwaukee and we spoke of you in NYC! I enjoyed working with you on “AARON…ALBEIT A SEX HERO” and wish for the opportunity again. “Smile handsome~ and the whole World smiles back”!

  2. I have to say Altitude Falling is one of my favorite films. i think Abrupt Decision is your best to date, but I’ve come to love all your films – can’t even count how many times I’ve watched Angora Ranch – it always cheers me up when I’m down. Please keep making movies – I know I love them and I can’t be alone. Congrats on the 10 – whether it sticks around or not, it is an achievement of sorts, though not as important as whether you are happy with the film.

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