Lessons Learned in Hudson

A few things I’ve learned this week:

1) Don’t have a fight with your partner and leave for a week with the issue unresolved.

2) Shooting on 35mm takes an inordinate amount of time to prepare each shot compared to shooting with a digital camera.

3) After five minutes standing outside in 2 degrees with a windchill of -12 your ears fall off and must be surgically reattached.

4) Nothing compares to a tall bed frame with a thick mattress and extra pillows. I may take up residency in this hotel.

5) When things beyond my control go out of control the thought to remember is ‘detachment.’

6) When the sidewalks are rolled up by 9 every night and the only place to get food after a long day of work is the local gas station, expect to gain five pounds around your waist by the next morning.

7) There may be a over a hundred channels on TV, but there’s still nothing to watch.

8) Filming in the hinterlands is deceptively expensive. It’s cheaper to film where you live.

9) Going without internet access for more than 12 hours is less of an addiction problem and more of a lost opportunity problem. At least in this business.

10) Regardless of the first 9 points, a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.


  1. Paul Bright , all 9 lessons are terrific , even the very first one….that is so very important, a lesson which evey one should learn and pay close attion to . life is to short , for giveness should be made the very next moment when your angry with any one .

    keep up the terrific work on your films paul…you are a wonderful film maker, actor , ect…LOVE & HUGS…..

    Scott Asbury .

    p.s. i still enjoy your movies….you are a wonderful man .

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