Edit Interrupted

The heroes, villains and victims in GOLIAD UPRISING are in stasis this week while I do two acting gigs that keep me away from editing.

Last Friday I was in a CBS pilot ‘Red Hook’ directed by Wil Shriner and produced by Norman Steinberg. It was totally cool to work for these guys.

I remember watching the ‘Wil Shriner Show’ and have seen a lot of the TV shows Wil has directed more recently.

And Norman is famous for writing the BLAZING SADDLES script but he’s also produced some really great projects.  He worked on the Marlo Thomas TV show “Free To Be You and Me” which had a HUGE influence on my childhood.  I mean, HUGE.   I didn’t tell him that, cause I didn’t want to gush.  But I can still quote lots of scenes from that show.  (“You’re bald, you must be a boy.” “I don’t feel like a boy.” “Everybody knows boys are bald. Boy, are you bald. Bald as a ping pong ball. You must be a boy.” “But I feel like a girl.”)

“Red Hook” is a cool idea for a nighttime serial drama and it would be great if the network decides to pick it up.  I was cast as an architect designing a soccer stadium that will require the demolition of a long established community.  I think I look connivingly evil enough for that.

Immediately after wrapping that job I caught the subway over to Penn Station and took the train to Hudson, New York.  I’ll be here through Friday working on the film VANITAS directed by Paige Campbell.  The movie is about a family with eating disorders. The mother and two teenage daughters have issues; the father (me) is somewhat oblivious.  The great thing about the role is that during each take I get to eat while the three actresses don’t.

Last night I downed half a bottle of wine for one scene.  As you probably know, I don’t drink much at all.   I was really  feeling it when it came time to do the next scene.  We filmed till 1:30am before they released me back to my hotel.  (The crew still had one more scene to film before calling it a night.) I’m still a bit murky in the brain from last night.

Everyone is off today and I’m about to venture outside in the 12 degree weather  to hunt for lunch.  Hudson, as I’m discovering, is a cool town. There are more historic buildings here than any other city in the state and bazillions of antique stores.  And you know what that means: gays.

I might hunt for more than lunch.  Who knows?

The edit on GOLIAD UPRISING resumes next week.  So far I have 28 minutes rough cut, but less than a fourth of the film edited.  That means I’ll be going back and tightening everything after I finish the first edit. My goal is always to make a 90 minute movie, and that may require a good deal of trimming for this one.



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