A Strange Kind

As this year dribbles to a finish I’m thrilled, ecstatic, greatly relieved to have finished syncing the audio tracks to the film footage for GOLIAD UPRISING.  What that means, basically, is that we shot the film and recorded the sound on separate devices and the two digital files must be married so that you hear Shannon Lark and Aaron Weisinger talking when their mouths move.

Shannon Lark and Aaron Weisinger in GOLIAD UPRISING

 It’s the first step in the actual edit of the film and incredibly tedious.

Now I get to play as I put together different takes and camera angles and create the film.

A LOT has happened in our societies in the past four months since shooting this movie. The whole Occupy Movement appeared here in the US and the Arab Spring appears to have had some positive results, with more changes afoot.  Since GOLIAD UPRISING epitomizes the nature of these popular uprisings I’ve been intensely watching the real world unfold.

What I’ve decided to do with GOLIAD UPRISING is show the shocking contrast between the happy talk of mass media and the plight of the real world.

You know what I’m talking about: Go to any online news source and next to an article about global warming, political or economic crisis you will see a story about a rescued dog, a baby panda, a pussycat reunited with its family after seven years.  These two topics are given the same importance as though it’s just as relevant to you that a dog was pulled from an icy lake as it is that your retirement funds are decimated.

I’ve found the perfect song by Stephen B. Sandknop for this movie. I’m using the hypnotic “A Strange Kind” at the beginning of the film while riot police violently raid a political gathering. Check out the song; it’s awesome.

Mike Justice crashes the party in GOLIAD UPRISING

This time of year requires me total up the costs of these film productions and GOLIAD UPRISING  came in slightly over $9,000. Making a full length feature film for nine thousand bucks is an extraordinary testimony to the cast and crew who donated their talent to this really powerful movie.  I cannot thank them enough.

To the people who donated to cover other costs, you are my angels and my benefactors. You are the people who make these films possible. I am eternally appreciative of your support.

We still have one outstanding debt to pay from the production of GOLIAD UPRISING.  We owe someone $750 for services rendered.  It’s an expense I couldn’t barter away and an IOU that I must fulfill.  When you are looking at your year end income and tax consequences, please consider donating to Silly Bunny Pictures to cover this expense.

Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  And wouldn’t you rather your money support film you love than a government that can’t get its act together?

Donate here: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/contribute/donate/3175

Thank you.

Let’s make 2012 a better year.

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