Tilda Swinton Speaks; 3000 Actors Commit Suicide

Tilda Swinton spoke to a full New York auditorium Tuesday night telling the New York Times that she is ‘not an actor’ and that she is only doing ‘industrial films’ (Hollywood movies) because she was asked.  The Academy Award winner also compared receiving an Oscar to winning a cake at a county fair raffle, and said she only makes movies with friends.

Immediately after her speech three thousand struggling actors killed themselves in a fit of desperation.

Okay, not really.

Tilda did speak last night and she did say all those things.  She also made a reference to making money earlier in her life from horse gambling. Her grandfather’s gardener taught her a “totally dope method” for picking horses.  SO apparently she didn’t need to make any money on all those early art films she did with Derek Jarman.

Though three thousand actors did not actually drop dead last night after her speech, no doubt there were some who wished they had.

The lesson learned from the speech is that here is an actress who is doing what she wants with her life, she was incredibly fortunate to be friends with Derek Jarman who cast her in her first nine movies, and fame and fortune are ultimately beyond the control of any one person.

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