A month later…

Well, four weeks have gone by since my last blog in which I was having a helluva pity party.  And in those four weeks I’ve mourned and buried missed opportunities and am now giving the future my full attention.

This has been an extraordinary four weeks.  I’ve had more auditions and more acting jobs than I’ve ever had in such a short time.  This past week alone I had 7 auditions, booked a short film, was put on hold for a commercial filming in a couple weeks (that means I might have the job), and am living life to the fullest.

Meanwhile I’m backlogged with editing work; behind on a self-imposed deadline for a funny webisode directed by another filmmaker, have seminarios to edit, and a feature film nagging at me to pay attention with its continuously pulsing hard drive.

This is the life I dreamed of having 23 years ago.  It’s really amazing.

So no more pity parties for a while. But next time I’ll bake a cake and invite you over.  How does German chocolate with fudge icing sound?


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