Wall Street Made Me Do It

The protestors hanging out and parading around a few blocks from Wall Street aren’t getting a lot of press coverage, and honestly, the cynic inside us all asks what’s the point?

The point is that they have the legal right to voice their opinions and to gather in public.  That’s the law in this country.

However our zealous response to “terrorism” has given our local and federal law enforcement unlimited power to do whatever they want to people who speak out. It is so totally ironic that our current ‘liberal’ administration in Washington has tried to prosecute more whistle blowers than any previous administration.   Whistle blowers--you know, the good guys who alert the rest of us to danger.

And we, the people, allow all this to happen because we are scared.  Scared of losing our jobs, scared of losing our homes, scared of the evil that lurks outside the door, scared of someone we don’t agree with, scared, scared, scared.

I saw this Commentary on Wall Street Protests and must share it.  This is exactly why I’m making GOLIAD UPRISING.

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