Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Do you know the real reason people scream every time Facebook changes their format?

It’s because we’re tired of learning how to do the same thing a different way.

Yeah, I know, life is about change and nothing stays the same.  I got that.  But is it really necessary to constantly change the format on social media? Even word press, the host of this blog, is revamping constantly.

Look, I know the 19 year olds working in the Bay Area have to justify their jobs by coming up with something different all the time, but the rest of us actually have things to do and things to learn in the real world.   We don’t want to spend our energy searching the screen for the correct button to do exactly what we did yesterday, nor do we need any more frustrations in our life because yesterday’s button isn’t anywhere to be found.

I understand the websters feel the need to keep their sites vibrant by continuously updating them.  Believe it or not, sometimes vibrancy is about content not appearance.

Now there’s a concept.

Oh never mind.  I’m wasting my breath here.  Bowie had it right. “And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.”

The difference is that Bowie’s children were trying to stop war in the 1970’s.  These children are trying to keep their jobs.


Update from the Studio: Johnny Punish (Twisted Nixon) granted us permission to include three of his songs in GOLIAD UPRISING.   This is totally awesome.  Punish has been writing about socio-political injustice for quite a while and he’s got some great tunes.  His music fits perfectly with the theme of the film.



  1. Another technology that seems to feel the need to “change” every several weeks–Apple. It seems like every time I log in to iTunes I have to install something new. The strange part is I can never really notice what they’ve updated?

  2. OMG, no lie! iTunes makes me crazy! LOL But, regarding Facebook…I try not to complain about the changes and so far I haven’t but I’m sure my day is coming as the latest and “greatest” changes have only been talked about on the news. The “rollout” will be over a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to adjust to the idea…do they think that’ll work better? Funny, this huge change is coming right at the time Google+ decided to let everyone try their new social networking site. Probably not a good idea…frustrated Facebookers my wander over to Google+ and give up on the old faithful Facebook. I doubt it though. For me anyway…Facebook has been instrumental in pulling my huge family back together again and getting me back in touch with so many lost friends, family aquaintances. I’m staying with Facebook but I’ll probably try to juggle a third site and try Google+ too.

  3. I hate it when the store switches all the merchandise around periodically for no good reason. I see something I need, come back to buy it the next day, make a beeline for where it was before and pft – it’s gone. Moved to a different aisle. I just want to buzz in, get what I need and get out, but instead have to search the whole store. And the changes Microsoft makes -don’t get me started.

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