Last night’s martini shot was literally a shot; Shane Davis and Christopher Payne rigged the bloody shoot out, spraying walls, refrigerator, cupboards and the floor in the climactic scene of the film.  It was truly a blood bath that night as the actors washed up later.

This film is a miracle child.  Three weeks before shooting we had no money. We had a script, half the cast, and a few committed crew members.  Six weeks later we’ve finished photography that involved 92 actors, over 30 locations, 300 pounds of ice, and about 200 hats.  People came in from the midwest, Oregon, California and all over Texas to make this movie.  We overcame scheduling conflicts, delayed trains, cancelled flights, sudden location changes, and scorching heat that drained everyone after only a few hours in the sun.  Even Harold, the mouse, was a trooper and hit his marks on cue.

The next few days will be consumed with cleaning up and packing up.  We have hundreds of items to return to Top Drawer Thrift Store that were on loan to the production.  Equipment needs to be returned to the rental house, boxes shipped to crew members’ home bases around the country, and Harold is moving to a permanent home.  We are also repairing some minor damage to a location caused by an over-enthusiastic actor during a fight sequence.

After this I return to waterlogged New York City, jump back into the acting world, market my feature ABRUPT DECISION releasing next month, and begin crafting a film from the GOLIAD UPRISING footage.

It’s going to be a busy year.




  1. Glad everything went great with the shooting and no one or animal was hurt in the making of this blockbuster. Hope New York is not too water logged for you when you get back.

    PS. Hope Harold is around when i get there and stardom don’t go to his head after this one feature role.

  2. Harold is retiring to a quiet life in Austin. He’s not a big city mouse. In fact he’s moving into a kindergarten classroom to entertain a bunch of rug rats.

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