It’s Friday morning.  I’m at Genuine Joes.  Finished off the breakfast taco and the strawberry/banana smoothie.  Checked my emails.  Reviewed the day’s shooting schedule.  Cleaned the trash out of the car.  Searched for my computer mouse (to no avail).

Ready to start the day.

This morning I’m looking for an exterior apartment building we can film this afternoon.  Tonight we go to Leo Collas’ home for the final showdown scene in the film.

We fell behind schedule due to circumstances beyond my control.  There were times when this film shoot felt like herding cats.  Actually, that’s a poor comparison: it was more like trying to drive a mule.

But today is the grand finale and we should finish by midnight.

We had unexpected location problems all week.   The house we were scheduled to film Tuesday was in a gated community with very limited parking.  The scenes at that location required 30 people (or more–I don’t know how many people we filmed that day) and so Tuesday required a quick change to a new location.

During the day Tuesday I discovered a schedule conflict with one of the actors for the Wednesday shoot, which required changing from our planned San Antonio location.  We are still recovering from that move today, filming scenes we were unable to shoot at the new location.

However, despite the logistic issues, the footage looks incredible and and the performances are hot.  Shannon and Aaron deliver.  I’m getting fantastic material for editing together a kick-ass film.

Off I go: hunting an apartment building.


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