Friday Night

We’re crossing the point between wondering if the film will get made and entering the exhausting trial of hoping to survive till it’s finished.

Don’t misunderstand:  I love directing and producing.  I love this script, cast, crew and what we’re doing.  And the days are getting easier from the producing perspective because we have almost all the costumes and props and locations. We’re only missing an apartment for two days next Wednesday and Thursday.  Everything else is lined up.

However, this is the time when I start to compromise and surrender. I begin reminding my crew to not let me compromise, to bear through the heat and the exhaustion to get the shots we need and the performances you deserve.

Today went very well at Poquito Ranch in south Austin. The acting was extraordinary, and the location was great.  We even got some shots of the horses that will be used in the final film.

Tomorrow we film outside another coffee house in Austin for an hour, and then move to a private home for a scene involving a military raid.   Should be a lot of fun.

I’ll tell you about it after we’re finished.

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